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A Really Simple Intro to Lifting State in React

When using React, you can easily share information downwards in the component tree. Using props, you’re able to pass data from a parent component to a child component but how do you pass information from a child to a parent or even between siblings? That’s when we need to lift state. I’ll take you through […]

A Really Simple Intro to Using Props in React

Props are an incredibly useful tool when working with React so it’s worth spending some time getting used to them. Props are a way of sending data down the component tree from a parent to a child component. I’ll take you through a really simple example of using props to pass the users selection from […]

A Really Simple Intro to localStorage in React

Saving information to local storage can be incredibly useful and can make for a far better user experience in your apps. Imagine if you had to log in from scratch every time you wanted to look at Twitter! By using the localStorage method in React, we can make save certain information to the user’s machine […]

A Really Simple Intro to Changing Styling Using React State

When using React, one of the easiest ways to make style changes to an element on an event is by using state. In this example, we’ll be looking at how we can change the corners of a button from pointed to rounded on click. I know this isn’t something you’re likely to be doing on […]